Directing / Cinematography

Our team of Directors and Cinematographers are responsible for achieving artistic and technical decisions to tell a story with every image. The team has an exceptional ability to amaze its viewers with its artistry.


Pre-production is the backbone for all productions. F4D Studio finds the best talent to cater to each individual project. Every aspect from script writing, casting, location scouting and production coordinating is nothing short of amazing.


F4D Studio is at the top of the tier when it comes to professional photography. With extensive knowledge in lighting, F4D Studio brings images to life and leaves their viewers electrified. F4D can create not only ground imagery but, aerial photography and rc aerial photography.

Aerial Cinematography and Aerial photography

Whether your project calls for a full size helicopter or an octocopter. F4D Studio is prepared to produce unique and cinematic aerial video content with use of its gimbals and 4K Aerial video cameras.


Cut, polish and smooth until each project is supreme. F4D Studio chooses the best editing style to tell each story with the use of Adobe Premiere.


Tone, contrast and saturate until the correct color sensation to the eye is met. Having worked with professional color printing in the photography world, each frame is matched to meet the mood.


Rise, fall and shift give movement to graphics, text and logos. F4D Studio uses motion to convey messages for extra impact with the use of After Effect and Cinema 4D.